You will face difficulties for a reason

Continued from last weeks post.

Did I learn from my mistakes? I definitely did. After the incidents that threatened my health terminally, I have never trained when sick since (meaning when having a fever), not a single time. On the other hand I’m rarely sick nowadays, so I don’t really need to think about that. Something permanent happened to me 10 years ago: I was no longer going all out to every single game and training session no matter what. To be honest with you, I think myocarditis saved my life.

Difficulties and health issues in life are put out there to teach you. If you break a leg, you have to see the big picture and know why you broke your leg. You may not learn from the first “warning” like I didn’t, but certainly at some point you start realizing what’s the issue. It’s not that one faces more challenges than the other, it’s just that the other one has learned and the other one hasn’t. At the end it’s about wisdom and for some of us it will take a while to learn the bigger lessons in life.

Did I suffer any permanent damages? Yes I did. My maximum heart rate went down significantly during the following years even as my training hours per week continued to stay high. Sometimes when I hit a really really hard training session I might feel something on my left side, but I don’t see that as an issue to be concerned about. All I want to do is educate others and especially young kids not to do the same. The clear message is this: Only train when 100% healthy and don’t risk anything for short-term achievements. No more sudden deaths are needed in this world. Heart issues are nothing to mess with.