You only see the end result

Tons of trials. Tons of tribulations. A huge amount of failures, mistakes, frustration. If you choose to live your life comfortably constantly, you need to choose differently. And you probably have already. But if a new challenge is your thing and it gets you going, you will be stepping out of your comfort zone all the time. That must be the main reason I simply hate the word routine: For me it means to settle and to settle means to die. Hunger has left the building.

Nowadays you rarely see what happens behind the curtains. Our world is so superficial that nobody is willing to post their unpaid bills, fines, empty fridges, flat tires etc. Everything needs to be perfect. Since the world is perfect right? More honest you are to yourself particularly, more real situations you will encounter. If you choose to live in your fantasy world, that’s your choice. But I guarantee, the content in that is next to nothing and it won’t help anybody. You are singing someone else’s tune.

Let’s talk about making of a video. You need to plan it, you need to film it, you need to cut it, plan it again, rephrase it and do everything all over again. At least that’s the way we do it. It takes careful planning to get the exact message you want out there. Again you can choose how you do it, but if you put whatever out there, it’s usually only for a show. Do you understand the deeper meaning in your behaviour? I want to get rid of superficial things and give you only content that develops you as a person. Is it too much to ask?