Wifi free zone

A few months ago I stumbled upon a thought that heavily shocked my mental balance: Wifi in the middle of wilderness! I’m sure you have heard about the subject already so I won’t get into further details on who put this idea out there. Someone may think ‘hey, that’s a super idea’: To be able to connect on your hikes, add selfies on social media and also security issues might improve at the same time. Of course security might increase on a certain level, but what else do we benefit from that? What’s the purpose of being outside? What’s the purpose of technology and are all technological innovations automatically for the better? These aspects I want to bring to the table.

Personally I wouldn’t even be on social media, messengers or even be reachable via email if that wasn’t just the way the world is structured today. I try to minimize the time and maximize the effort, that’s the leading thought behind it all. I do prefer real people to virtual people: It’s not nearly the same to be connected via apps and phones than it is to have a face to face talk. To make a long story short, extra gadgets just don’t belong to the nature. I don’t see the real extra value we get even though we are constantly fed with this thought from the outside. You do know what you need in the nature and by far the most important of them all is time.

So what’s the purpose of being in the nature? To be connected specifically to the nature, to the place where you at a certain moment might be. To sense, listen, smell and feel. The only way to learn about the nature is to be there and there’s no app that can help you with that. One very important aspect is also the fact that nature is nowadays the only place we can be free from phones, machines and wireless connections. To be together with each other and listen to each other’s thoughts. Do we really want to make this environment similar to any other place? I refuse to believe that and I don’t think you want either. I’m 100% sure that one update and selfie can wait a few hours or a day: I suggest a fine to a person who whips out their phone first and starts updating their profile.