Why choose Engelberg and us? – Part.1

Have you been to heaven? Me neither, but for this place it’s written all over it! ‘It’s Heaven’ as marketers have put it and I can agree to that 100%. But a heaven for who exactly? It’s for you outdoor enthusiast, outdoor lover and active person. And boy do we have something in store for you!

What is it, tell me more right now! It starts from being active 365 days a year. From Summer to Fall and from Winter to Spring. Year-round with no stops. In a way that you will be able to relax at the same time. We didn’t pack too much for you, we packed enough.

First we get to know each other over apero. I will tell you our plan for the next days, so you don’t have to worry about anything. I will be with you from Step 1 as a host must be. There is so much passion and care in these products that I must be present all the time. This is how I live, I would not know any other way. But don’t worry, there is time for yourself too.

I approach our packages as I would climbing a mountain: You go up, cool down for a while and slowly descent afterwards. With no rush of course. The only difference is that we do more than just one thing. We are versatile with our elements and we do everything outside. This is not a trend, this is a way of life.

Continued on Part.2.