What is my why?

Today I woke up with a few questions: What is my final destination in this life? What is my contribution to this universe? I took a look outside of my window and got inspired. Not because of the outer conditions and inspiring views, but because I felt a tremendous amount of gratitude. I realized I’ve come a long way and the path that I’m on feels very right to be on.

One of the most important aspects of my why has been learning to trust my inner voice. It was never my intention or calculated move to switch careers or countries, it just happened. Something inside me said you have to do this for yourself and apparently I was brave enough to say yes, I will do this. Of course doubts have been present, but never have I wanted to back down.

I believe in calling and I also believe in destiny. And I strongly trust. Starting from these aspects it’s not difficult to be happy where you are in life and not to worry. It’s not like you are just making up stuff or doing things from the wrong basis. You do exactly what you feel like is the right thing to do and behind that right thing is a willingness to help and learn.


engelberg morning