Welcome to Alpland

I know I’ve got the heart. And from the heart it was born. Alpland GmbH. My pride and joy. A continuum to the journey that started nearly 3 years ago. Now I’m here in the heart of the Alps as the frontman of a newly found company: It was never really a dream, it basically just happened. We all need help and support and I believe it will come when you do everything from the heart.

Alpland GmbH is a combination of the Alps and Lapland. I tap myself on a shoulder a little bit since I believe I couldn’t have found a better name. Nature enables many things and for me a light Sunday hike few weeks back helped to find the name Alpland. It’s about beautifully natural locations, personal service which has been years in the making and about passion.

Alpland GmbH is about well-being, energetic living and serving clients needs to the very core. Alpland GmbH wants to give you unique experiences by being there for you and by combining moving to all of it’s core products. In Alpland GmbH everything comes from the heart and nothing has been forcefully created. Our journey has just started, but Alpland GmbH promises to serve you with passion and show you the breathtaking locations around the Alps and in Lapland.