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Vibing with The Champ!

Tale: 7/12.

Location: Secret.

Mission: High-intense workout with 6 x Mr.Olympia Dorian Yates.

These are the facts behind this story.

It was the early 90’s. I started gaining interest towards lifting weights in addition to hockey and athletics which were my main sports. Back then Mr.Yates was an upcoming bodybuilder and a true Mr. Olympia contender. I had a multi station machine as a young kid at the basement of my home and basically grew up watching Mr.Yates in the magazines and mimicking the exercises shown on the pages. Bodybuilding was never my sport at a competitive level, but to be honest I actually had more interest in training with the weights than I did with other off the ice training. 25 years later that interest is still strong and it has never shown any signs of fading.

Everything you see on the video is spontaneous. All we agreed on was that the main focus was to be on chest and shoulders, particularly on the ways to make them more stable and flexible since I’ve had some problems in the past because of my hockey background. For that we would use less weight than I would normally use, keeping the focus on the movement and really maximizing the effort which would mean less sets rather than high-volume. Exercises and sets I left all up to Mr.Yates. All you bodybuilding freaks know what this type of training is all about, that’s called heavy duty folks!

I want to remind you that this type of training does not suit everyone. In order to get everything out of minimum amount of sets, you need to have a lot of background in sports in general. What I’ve done with weights over the years has varied from training heavy to high-volume, so I’ve actually taught my body to react to many different stimulus: What that does is you get versatile and ready for training sessions anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. After all the main idea is to maximize the effort by doing only what’s necessary rather than overloading all the time.

Words cannot describe how glad and thankful I was for this Tale to take place. I believe spontaneous action keeps life exciting and I hope this video serves partly as an example of that. Make sure you watch the entire video since we’ve got some great thoughts and responses from Mr.Yates at the end. And don’t mind the shakiness and odd sounds of the camera, that’s just my friend being himself.

Hope you feel the action added with great interaction,


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