To be the nature

I’ve written earlier about living the nature in order to understand it: http://talesofthetrainer.com/live-the-nature-to-understand-it/. What I particularly mean by that is first and foremost to feel it. Our lives nowadays consist mostly of indoor related chores and activities and the only way to get that lost connection back is just to go out there. Not by going for quick sprints and HIIT’s but just by taking it as it is. Feeling the breeze, movement of the clouds, smelling the freshness. That’s all it takes: It’s all about connecting and that takes a little bit of time.

Visuality also plays an important role in this equation. When the surroundings are eye-pleasing, it sure gives you more positive vibes. Whether you like the water, mountains or plain forests, it’s all up to you: Just pick your favorite location, go and connect. Simplicity is many times the source of creativity for me personally and all it takes is the rush free environment of nature. Wherever that in a particular moment might be.

Touch it. That means just go there. Jump away from that cosy and warm sofa because nature is close to you. You don’t need any specific gear, just make it simple and dress according to the weather. Pick the berries, chop the wood, make a snowball and run with your bare feet, that’s where the connection starts. Finding your natural state comes from calmness: You avoid the masses to find yourself and what you want from life. And it doesn’t matter if you’re not looking for anything in particular because the nature will guide you: It will show you the way.