Taking nothing for granted healthwise

It was the spring of 2004. Back then a young and I could say a bit foolish man forgot to listen to his body. This man had never skipped a practise as he wanted to outwork everybody, be the best and mostly he did. But there was an issue on the way he approached training: No matter the circumstances he would work out and go to practise. The only difference is that this time the outcome would change his approach for good.

Spring 2005. Same thing happened again. So he did not learn from last year’s mistake. What Am I talking about here? Myocarditis. Twice within a year. First time a one week stint under intensive care followed by 3 month absolute ban from any exercising. Second time under intensive care again and a 4 month break. Could you imagine how that felt for a young active guy? In one sentence, it devastated me completely. Lying in a hospital in the same room with people who wait for heart transplants will teach you.

What is myocarditis? For those who don’t know, it’s an inflammation of the heart muscle. What caused it for me was that I trained and played two hockey games when having a mild flu and a medium fever. Just pop in a few pills and I’ll be fine I thought. But what happened was quite the opposite. Until this happened for me personally I had never taken these things seriously. But trust me when I tell you after that happens to you, you are forced to change your ways, there’s simply no other option.

I like to use this as a motivation for others. Not as a warning example but as a motivation. All my clients over the years have heard my experiences and I strongly hope they haven’t had to experience anything similar. Cold sweats, loss of consciousness, heart rate spikes of 250 bpm and more, having to use beta blockers to calm yourself down etc. A list like this is nothing to mess with and I surely hope young kids understand the seriousness of training while ill.

Continued next week.