Just help

I believe heavily in karma: What you do for the others, you will get back later on. You cannot blame bad luck, there’s no such thing in life. Luck is created by your daily actions and if those actions are positive and forward looking, you will eventually get where you want and need to be. When helping comes from genuine starting point, you have already won since nothing beats that. Just keep on doing it!

So what does this all mean in my daily actions? The sole reason for me to write, post, talk and create my own product is to help. There is absolutely no other motivations behind it: No personal glory of succeeding, no financial reasons nor being able to live in the two most beautiful and safest countries in the world. None of these. I just want you to understand by making everything easy, being brutally honest about everything and most importantly, by walking the walk.

I also believe you have to be very unselfish when you try to help. I know I’ve made some decisions that are tough for my closest ones to handle, but there’s only one reason behind it: Better and brighter future for all of us. I’m currently on a build up phase which means a million different things: Planning, creating, documenting, researching, posting, selling…all of these things. Sometimes it feels very overwhelming because it’s a whole lot of work. But there’s nobody else to blame for this than myself.

The main question is that do I really want this: The answer is, yes, because it’s worth it.