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The art of moving

We were all born to move. It started from trying to twist around from your back to your stomach. That led into crawling, wobbly walking and ended up in running in one form or another. All of this is coded to our DNA. But further our lives evolve, more distant these basics seem to come. Is moving supposed to be easy? Yes and it certainly is when we keep these basics in our minds. Easier said than done right?

It comes down to not having to move. You can drive your car wherever you want to, restaurants and food is everywhere, work is mostly sitting based. But we do have counterforces against these things: We need to squat down to keep our knees and hips in check, spine needs twisting movement to stay healthy and our heartrate needs to rise regularly for us to have the stamina to keep on going. Sounds simple right? It is if you don’t make it too complicated.

There are a few things I always tend to stretch for ultimate health: Your moving needs to be fun and it needs to happen every single day. You choose how you want to move and you stick to that choice. Then you start adding pieces to the puzzle to keep it fun, versatile and health improving. Easy example: If you like to run long distances, also add some form of strength training to the equation and some type of a game, for example tennis. Then just rotate these sports and you have a recipe for life.

Here in the Alps my toolbox looks currently like this: I hike, run long distance, do sprints, mobility work, ride a bike and do various types of strength training, always in the nature. There are no games involved at the moment regularly, but fun is always present 100%! The duration varies anywhere from 1 hours to 6 hours and more: I always rotate and mix things according to my body’s needs. If I was to give you one more tip on top of these, it would be to always boost your digestion after you eat: You simply go outside for a walk right of the table, this will guarantee you a lighter feeling afterwards.


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