Travel like The Travelling Trainer

What Am I talking about, my style of travelling, what is that? It’s relaxed, never pre-planned and very spontaneous. But there’s one very important thing that you need to understand: I’m never on a vacation, I just go with the flow, hit a certain destination and inspire you guys. That’s a privilege that should never be taken for granted and I definitely won’t: What I’m talking about here is the freedom of choice.

I like to keep travelling simple: First you grab a bite, then you rent a bike and that is followed by taking a hike. Whether it’s a city destination or a beach resort, you get the most out of your trip by being mobile. Not by car or bus, but always by using human force. And that’s basically it. I can understand trying to maximize every second of your trip, but as I approach climbing fells and mountains, they will never disappear in our lifetime so there’s no need to rush.

Most people have routines and every week looks almost alike. What you should do while travelling is to break those norms and do something else. It obviously comes naturally to some extent, but what I mean is activity- and training wise. For my next trip I will be heading to a warmer place than my home Lapland and that will surely break my norms for a while. Watch the videos, current and future ones, I will deliver the next one when you least expect it.