It’s worth it when you share it

What started it all was a bit selfish. But there’s nothing wrong with that since it basically needs to happen when you aim high and shoot for the stars. Or does it? After the past year went by I soon came into realization that something’s not right: No matter what I do, I still have an empty feeling inside. What’s missing? Now I know: It’s you.

Where have you been? I pushed you aside and focused only on me. After my selfish goals began to materialize I started to help others. More and more my focus switched to only helping: Being realistic, saying what others may not be willing to say, giving out an alternative view on wellbeing. Still you were not the center of attention. And I want you to be, I was just simply incapable.

I began thinking: Could the solution be that simple, is it possible? It’s not a one man show, it’s a team effort. I come from a team sport background and I do not understand this simple issue that I’m dealing with. No matter how strong or effective you think you are, you need someone to have your back: A support team. And the most important thing is that you can share your experience: Right there on the spot, at that particular moment. This will be my focus in the future.