Ultimate leadership

In terms of coaching and mentoring people towards their wellness goals and needs, less is usually more. What I mean by that is it takes time for teachings to sink in. It’s simply impossible for most humans to digest masses of information: That is exactly what has happened around wellness and fitness industry, there is just too much information floating around. Basically you end up knowing nothing, headlines are all you remember. When you make a person understand this fact, you’ve reached new heights.

Let’s set a three month training period as an example. A beginner in active lifestyle comes and asks for your help. You go for a walk, a little jog and you do some bodyweight exercises as “a test” (as I usually do). You instantly notice three months will be just the beginning. For the client to learn how to walk or jog, do all the basic stuff first. After these steps are climbed, you can start thinking about something else. Maximizing everything and sucking all the juices out in that period would be detrimental. Selling solutions instead of time is the key:

I know it’s perfectly normal to think putting it all out there once is a good way to go. A client once asked me to help her for a three month stint: She had been my client a few years back so she knew my style. She said teach me everything you know, I want it all and I want it now. I guess she didn’t know my style after all. You have to earn the next step. Sometimes I will just be present, I won’t teach you a single new thing. It’s impossible to teach something new every single time. Let’s say we agree on 20 training sessions. You think there will be 20 new things you will learn? If you’re lucky, you might learn one thing and skill. But it’s better to concentrate and master that single skill than to jump on something else the next month.