We are present

Alpland just took part in a startup event mid this week. We mainly did it for networking and research purposes as it makes sense for company at this stage to do. What is that stage? It is figuring out what is our direction, gathering more and more research information, networking and just simply taking our time to progress naturally. It is our utmost priority not to rush and make decisions too fast: We rather take each step carefully and write our story exactly our own way.

As a frontman my task involves meeting people. A lot of people and talking about what we do, have done and will do. We make things very easy to our business partners and clients by asking a lot of questions. What is it that you mainly want us to help you with and how can we make processes smoother by working effectively together? To us collaborating means literally that and we show that in every step of the way. We are enablers that are present in all phases of your travels.

Being present means also living in the future. We started our recruitment processes way before company even existed and I personally have met hundreds of people during these past months. What we and I do is talk, invite and see people in different circumstances as this vision is already bigger than ourselves. We want to provide stable surroundings and breeding grounds for people who want to grow: When a person grows personally, a company can also grow as an entity. We promise that you can be creatively and freely you and we definitely let you shine.