The pace accelerates

morningmoonAlarm wakes you up at 5:00, what are you going to do? Keep on snoozing or wake up like a champion that you are? I’ve decided to teach myself a routine that is self-motivating: Wake up before everyone else and do my thing even when it rains, it’s dark and name of the day is Saturday or Sunday. To me it has become very clear that you are what your habits are. The voice inside says keep on pushing it and to that voice I will always listen.

Summer has passed into autumn here in the Alps and sometimes the fast passing of time is a bit scary. It was exactly a year ago when I was pondering in my hotel room what on earth am I doing here. All I knew was that something pulled and led me here and to be honest, that’s all I want to know. I believe in calling and destiny and by keeping those things in mind 24/7 nothing worries me. Past weeks and months have shown me that I’m heading to the right direction and the only relevant reasoning behind that is personal progression: I seem to see the big picture better and better every single day.

I’ve decided to progress with people that only give me positive energy: I don’t try to control anything and I won’t throw you the ball if you’re not ready to receive that pass. This means meeting tons and tons of new people, but also saying no to numerous possibilities. I don’t want to know my destiny and to what end formation my vision leads into: All I do is give you my uncompromised energy and bag full of ideas and it’s all up to you whether to progress on them or not.

I’ve met people for my Lapland ideas. I’ve visited regions for my active seminar ideology. I’ve scouted surroundings for my mass product. I’ve looked for the right places to put saunas into. I’ve given ideas for training camps to areas I believe they will work well. I’ve opened new domains to build platforms to sell the great outdoors. Just to name a few examples. Next month I will head to Lapland to host adventures for young people. After that all focus will switch to Matka Travel Fair in January, where I will have my own booth. I hope to meet as many of you there as possible.