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Halfway point achieved by visiting Copenhagen

Tale: 6/12.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mission: Gaining functional strength and utilizing that on badminton court.

Purpose of this trip was yet again to flow with the training and boy did I get a whole lot of that action! Let me tell you guys a secret: Nothing here was pre-planned, everything just worked like magic. I always know what I want to do during my travels of course, but I tend to let things flow at least a bit and let luck come into play by being open and positive.

Danish MMA fighter Mikkel Kjer Parlo happened to be training at the gym (actual name of the gym is The Gym) I was supposed to meet a very experienced strength coach Jorgen Bertelsen. He had different plans for our training, but since Mikkel was doing sled pulls in various ways, we decided to do the same for my training: This suited my plans perfectly as I wanted to show how strength training can be utilized on badminton court.

After my meeting with Danish hat company State Of Wow, who are kind enough to provide me with high quality headgear for my trips, I was still facing one problem: After several weeks of emails and contacting I still had no prominent coach/player to help me with my badminton game. Me and my friend decided to hit the closest badminton club around and luckily we found one in Hvidovre.

After short talks and few phonecalls training session was set up for the next day and what made it even better, it was going to be with ex-pro Rune Ulsing. The last time I played badminton was about 9 months ago, so we needed to warm up thoroughly before actually playing some points. Rune gave me great tips on how to warm up and to improve my game, I’m really thankful for that. Strength training in itself is always only a topping on a cake, athleticism is the ability to use that power created in the gym or by doing functional training outside as I did in the beginning.

Enjoy the flick my friends,


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