Summer mood is on!

Tale: 4/12.

Location: Malaga, Andalucia, Spain.

Mission: Learn to play padel and do some beach training.

It’s been a long long winter as it always is in Lapland and that’s the main reason I decided it was time to switch to summer mood and do summer sports. I’ve been playing tennis for a long time now, but I wanted to try something totally different. I was lucky to find Fantasy Padel and Carlos Munoz in Malaga, who was kind enough to teach me some basics in this beautiful sport. I had never touched a padel racket before in my life and yes, it definitely shows in the video.

Moving was a bit off to say the least, so was the use of the wall. We did some drills to get the feel for the racket and the game in general. At the end we played some points singles-style since it doesn’t make any sense to play doubles right from the start (padel is always played in doubles). I guaranteed Carlos one thing, next time we will get some real action going on! When learning a new game it takes a while to get the feel, but you will get there with patience.

Like I’ve told you guys before in my previous posts, it definitely makes a lot of sense to rent a bike when you travel. As I’m showing you in the video, it’s easy to combine beach training and biking together. What I did was I spent the whole day biking around and when I felt like it, I used pull-up bars and dip machines at the beach to get some blood flowing. Since there was a lot of work on my legs while biking and hiking, I decided just to focus mainly on the upper body. Big exercises, nothing fancy, just basic stuff since that is all you need. Definitely no counting and pushing it to the limit, these are some key factors for lifestyle training.

Being a big fan of high places, I of course had to bike and climb up near mountain to get the best view of the city. That’s a good way to reflect on things you’ve done, enjoy tranquility and just to get away from past-faced city life. Enjoy these summery views, this story completes the first third of my stories, time flies amazingly fast people!