Part 5 from home wraps up last year

This five episode web-series was originally custom-made for Alma Media Corporation/Lapin Kansa. Selected Tales from last year were used as a base added with intro, voice-overs in Finnish and subtitles in English. I wanted to deepen my philosophy on well-being and life in general a bit more video wise also: That’s the reason why we revamped the stories and made shorter versions of them.

Roots. Of course we all have them. But do we actually always recognize and appreciate them to the fullest? What my childhood has given me is the tools for eternal activity. I live and strive for that. It’s so deep within that it’s sometimes hard to define. But I hope through these ventures, past, present and future ones, you will see and feel it for yourself. I promise to give it everything I’ve got.

From now on, focus is only in the future.