Part.2 – Host, spectacular views and experience within reach

You know our hut, Hotel Engelberg, has been on it’s spot for a while. Since 1854 to be exact. It has seen a lot, probably more than a Lappish guy can chew. But what I guarantee it hasn’t seen is the passion and involvement in sports and well-being. That’s the specific reason I am here. Since I’m confident that the only separating factor between finding a long-term recipe for wellness and health and failing to do so, is the approach to all of this, I feel the best thing is to show it. That happens by keeping the focus heavily on what matters.

In order to achieve a relaxed state of mind, the surroundings must be correct too. When they fit the ideology of a relaxed feeling, your stress levels will dramatically drop. Many people especially nowadays live very hectic lifes without the sufficient amount of rest. We want you to catch a break from the screens, numbers and schedules of your life. That happens in eye-pleasing sights, in the middle of the nature and exactly by avoiding screens, numbers and tight schedules. We’ve managed to create that.

In addition to time, one of our biggest assets is the easy and convenient reachability. Basically from all over. You can travel to the final destination, the valley of Engelberg, with ease and comfort. In case you wish to make it even more comfortable, we will arrange a direct transport from the airport. Convenience and definitely no rush. The main ingredients of a successful, activating and relaxing break from everyday life. Is there something more you can ask for?