Outdoorgym – The best gym

In October I wrote an article on why you should do everything outdoors: http://ulkoilunmaailma.fi/ulkoilma/tekisin-kaiken-ulkona/ (available in Finnish). Did you get the ideology and the basic idea behind it? I favor practical approach because that’s the way I live and I know it works. The most simple solutions are the best ones if and when you have long-term thinking in your mind. This is how it must be, there’s just no other way. Let’s make this article a continuum for the October one.

Active lifestyle is my passion. It’s my life. It’s the air that I breath. This is how it should be also for you, since the investment is on you when you move. Yes, it’s exactly on you and nobody else. Every single penny of that investment will be on your account, how great is that! And the best part is that the return of investment is humongous and no shaky economic circumstances will effect that. Of course what you do outside matters so let’s move on directly to my life-long vision.

The outdoor playground is limitless: It is not restricted to only one mechanically ventilated indoor space because outside the air conditioning is variably marvelous and that’s the fun part: You never know what’s coming and you have to adapt accordingly. You see I’m still not talking only about strength training for which indoors gyms were made for. They were not made for running on treadmills, these ‘innovations’ as we all know came from America to serve lazy people. But you know better than that: You know that it’s against human nature to do inside something you could be doing outside. And everything truly is possible outside.

So called mental switch needs to happen: A change in your thinking and undestanding on how remarkably good you actually feel after you visit the outdoor gym. Whether you run, do pushups, yoga or hike, it really doesn’t matter: What matters is that it happened outdoors, your received some color on your cheeks and you are smiling. I can live behind this suggestion because I still know it works. When you walk outside your door you will generate extra time for yourself, instead of that 30-minute fast-paced workout which they sold you as the one that works, but in fact just more rush and hurry generated.