Outdoor living is the solution

Nowadays we are all desk jockeys. Yes I said it since that is very true. Most of the work today is done behind desks and indoors. I have a simple solution for that: That is to spend all of the remaining hours of the day you have outdoors. Is it possible? I’m sure it is, routines just need to change. No more late night TV or laying on the couch. Be constructive and use your time wisely.

Wellness industry is filled with solutions that make people even more the indoor type. But why would you want to follow something that is not good for you in the long run? When you have stress at work do you think the best solution for that is a 30-minute all out spinning class? You probably do, but it’s not. I guarantee your stress levels will reduce more if you do a mild-tempo exercise outdoors.

When life is hectic, find something that balances your mind and body rather than increases stress you’re already experiencing. You also need time alone and a great way to do that is to go hiking in back-country near you. Listening to the natures voices has never hurt anyone, busy city lifestyle on the other hand has. When you have to live your life according to schedules, at least throw them away on your spare time.