One thing at a time

Multitasking. What a wonderful word, love it! Many times I feel I should be doing this and also little bit of that simultaneously. More I think about it and start digging deeper into mastering everything, more confusing it gets. I definitely don’t want to have a hectic mindset which forces me to perform even when I don’t feel like it. I want to have a calm and constantly relaxed mind which knows exactly what to do, when to do and how hard to push.

This is the part when I lean towards nature. I’ll give you an example: Many times your mind (at least mine) might be filled with million thoughts in the morning and it can be difficult to catch any of those. What do I do? Jump off my bed as fast as possible, gear up and just go outside. For a walk, bike ride, light jog. Whatever that is as long as it’s light. This solution will direct you on the right path.

When you get a hold of that single thought, hold on to that and work on it. Another example: I knew this morning that today I want to write. About what? No clue whatsoever. Even though my notebooks are filled with way over 1000 article headlines. I took one of my notebooks, a pen and I started walking. Sky was a little misty and foggy as my brain, but from some little crack of the clouds I started seeing sunrays.

All of a sudden my mind was clear again and I told myself: You don’t have to do everything today, only the things you were supposed to do and which move you forward.