From one season to another

Seasons are changing and very fast here in the Alps. Sometimes it feels like there are no so-called middle seasons at all since snow melts in an instant and grass explodes to full lenght rapidly. Alpine villages get quiet and everyone starts to anticipate for the Summer. At least that’s how it feels like, transition is in full effect. But these are the interesting and very unutilized times and open slots we are effectively looking for solutions to.

One of the best solutions is to openly talk about it. Through our efforts we will have Finnish tour operators association visiting Angel Mountain next weekend. We acknowledge the problem and that masses move when they move, but that does not have any effect on what our plan is. We are open 365 and the main reason for that is that the world needs to keep on evolving. As I previosly stated especially here in the Alps Summer is around the corner and in many places it has already started.

Unlike in our other location of Lapland. I’m heading there for meetings and research shortly and basically the same story applies there: Lots of unutilized time and for that we already have solutions. What is has required from us is a lot of creative and out of the box thinking. Reindeers and huskies will not take us too far in the future and if we would only rely on those services, how would we stand out in the market? We know our market, locations and for that we will do as much ground work as is needed.