lapland stairs

I never stopped believing

Since my return from a few week family- and business combined trip from Finland, one thing has crystalized: It’s working! I’ve been stubbornly pushing the boundaries with my ideas and opening all the possible doors. The vision comes so profoundly deep from my soul that quitting right now is not an option. How could it be? We are talking about one man’s life here.

My last video of 2015 said it the best: ‘Strong belief is what I have.’ When you have it, it’s absolutely not possible to stop even during the darkest times and the most challenging obstacles. Believe me, there has been quite a few of those. But all of these I’ve faced with a positive attitude because once again, I believe my vision is helpful to humanity. It’s about serving and giving uplifting experiences in health improving manner.

How does one create such a strong backbone? You grow into it. In life you must face challenges in order to grow, but more importantly you just have to accept them. To learn from them is crucial and to understand that every day is a new struggle. I see a lot of happy times ahead of me and the meetings I’ve had during the past few weeks have confirmed that. I continue to follow my simple and effective motto day in and day out: ‘Do something for you and your vision every single day.’ Simply outwork yourself.