Neighbourly love from Gothenburg

Tale: 5/12.

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Mission: Deepen the knowledge for kettlebells and hit the uncomfort zone mobility wise.

This trip started rather dramatically since I blew my tire before I was even at the halfway mark to Gothenburg. But as always, everything worked out fine and my first visit to this beautiful coastal city was well on it’s way. My initial plan of action was to solely do kettlebell lifting in the archipelago, but as my previous trips have proved, when you keep positive vibe going and you are open to new things, you might get some extra goodies on film.

Joakim, who runs Kettlebell Center in Gothenburg, suggested that we should hit Fiskebäck and do some outdoor training there. The idea was to do some basic lifts and just to flow with it. That was accomplished more than perfectly and we couldn’t ask for more perfect setting weather wise.

In the Kettlebell Center gym we had a small group setting since that is one of the forms of training they offer. I’m not particularly a big fan of group training, but small group suits fine when the approach to training is relaxed and truly personal. That’s what I definitely got, there needs to be a little twinkle in the eye constantly and trainer needs to give freedom to feel and flow.

Mobility training should be the main area of focus for most people nowadays since everybody is sitting and doing a lot of desk work. In that regard what Matt Pepper showed us in movement workshop was on the spot. Movement in the way we initially learned as kids has been forgotten and lot of tricks and gimmicks have replaced that in the modern fitness industry. But what you should do is not complicated, just basic crawling, hanging and moving in different positions. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to try these movements we do on the video: I guarantee you will see the difference rather quickly.

I hope you have been inspired, enjoy your summer folks,