river sunset

My Lapland

Roots. Heritage. Respect. Home. Soul. Heart. Time. This is what home called Lapland represents to me. Even when I’m writing this from the middle of the Swiss Alps nothing changes. Home is where your soul rests and functions at it’s optimal level. It means you have a chance to be who you really are without nobody judging your actions. In my Lapland everything is real, raw and what you see is what you get.

In my Lapland we offer our guests real experiences. The type of experiences you can take home to and you cherish for the rest of your life. To offer those experiences you need unique talent and exceptional people skills. No matter how much volume or how many people we get, premium service needs to be present: When you, dear guest, are respected, served and given time, you will return to us. I hold this as my personal guarantee.

The more the better right? We live in the paradox that everything needs to be maximized. There’s only one little but: A day is always 24hrs long and nothing changes that. I would never jeapordize feelings, emotions and interactions in the expense of time. You might be able to say and name all the places you’ve visited, but it’s not a competition. There are various nice places in the world, but what is it that makes Lapland unique? That is our selling point.

I hold it to my upmost value to keep traditions going, innovate and brainstorm something crazy and offer you natural Lappish experiences in an active way. This is what I owe to you dear homeland. Lapland, I love you.


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