afternoon hike

Moving on

Who ever said it was going to be all smooth sailing over the finish line, had no idea what he or she was talking about. Actually I don’t believe anyone said it like that, just wanted to put this thought out there. It’s been a very interesting start for the summer. After returning to the Alps from Lapland I’ve had my vision and focus sharper than ever. Past winter taught me a lot particularly in terms of how this thing called tourism actually works. It’s very interesting, but at the same time very very simple.

It’s interesting to analyze all the observations I’ve made during these product development months. It all goes back to the vision: No matter how full the market seems to be with all kinds of products, there’s always a place for your own. When I hear something like this doesn’t work here, somebody tried that before, it takes time to make it work etc., it actually fuels me up more and more. It’s completely fine if there is resistance to new products, but by all means be open to hear someones vision first and never underestimate the power of strong will.

I will create my own blue ocean. Demand is there. It comes from little drops of rain which I will catch with my own two hands and possibly a cup. People want high quality service. People need high quality service. What that means to me is being present and helping people feel well every single day of their lives. It’s never a sprint, it’s always a marathon. I really don’t mind being ahead of my time since this is the only way I know how to live. And that way of living, breathing and acting will help you reach well-being to the fullest in a way never seen before.


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