Moving naturally

I’ve said it many times and I say it again: Gyms are not for most people. As much as I love them and I’ve probably trained in over 1000 different ones all over the world, they don’t suit everybody. Imagine this: If that’s the first form of training you’ve ever done, what do you really know about movement? Basically nothing. It actually breaks a tear into my eye when I think that the first thing someone learns is training in the gym. That’s far from being natural.

We can do better than that. Gym training must only add to something you already know and handle, that can’t be the only thing you do. First off, you spend most of your day inside anyways: Why in the world would you sit on your car, drive to the gym and start pedaling like a maniac? I know why: Because marketing forces have told you so. Why on earth should you believe some random dude from distant place called Lapland over public opinion who’s constantly fussing around this subject? You don’t have to, but if you try what I tell you to do for a certain period of time, you will be amazed.

You have to understand what I’m talking about in here: I’m giving solutions to most people, not to any extremities, I’ll leave you guys alone. You must relearn all the movements you did as a child since you’ve probably forgotten all of them: To go down, come back up, pick something up, lift something above your head, drag and pull an item etc. It’s all really simple really. But I definitely understand the issue here: It’s the stressful environment that’s causing all of this. Sitting, fast-paced life, money oriented thinking…You want to be a part of that for the rest of your life or are you ready to commit yourself to more relaxed and meaningful approach? Choice is yours.