Months of transformation

Time here in Lapland has definitely flown by and it’s soon time to return to Alpland of Engelberg. To prepare for the spring events and concretely show the progress in action. I never knew what I put myself into when I arrived and faced various new situations. I’ve set goals to reach levels I’ve never touched and to play on a completely different level of this game called¬†travel industry. For the first time in my life I’ve felt like a machine: A warrior that never gives up no matter what the situation is. And to be honest with you, I see no other way of reaching my full potential.

Also for the first time in my life I’ve felt completely fearless: Comfortable to face any situation that appears. Mostly they have been positive, but of course not all. Positivity is easy to accept without any hesitation, but when adversity hits you, that’s when your true character is measured. I’ve decided to embrace every single situation with love, acceptance and understanding. I believe through these actions and ways of thinking you can become a better person: You definitely receive the kind of energy you put out there yourself, so why not keep yourself and everybody else happy by smiling through everything?

I’ve gained a lot, but I’ve also lost a lot. I’ve met hundreds of new faces and shook what I feel like a million hands. Opened new doors through negotiations, emails, messages and other spontaneous encounters. After Matka Nordic Travel Fair was finished I felt I really needed a break to filter everything: I took it, but in a way I’m still on it. Learning to focus on what matters the most will be the single most important thing for this year when things really start to roll. For Alpland we have a very long-term plan and with that calm Lappish mentality we will progress step by step for the future. The same recipe goes to my personal life as well.