Made it out of the wilderness

I believe all the good things come about when you have to dig deep a little bit. Not too deep but enough to learn a valuable lesson: There is always a reason why you are in the position you currently are, both mentally and physically. There is no such thing as good or bad luck, things happen because you have deserved it, whether it’s good or bad. Yes I said it, sometimes you also deserve bad things to happen.

I like to compare life to a game of hockey, my first love. It’s full of transitions and there’s a constant need for quick moves and reactions. If you fail to react, you might get heavily burned or you run out of space. That’s the cruelty, but also the beauty of the game. Some people have a natural sense and they know immediately how to react in order to finish a whole game. Some just need more time to grow: I sure wasn’t ready 10 years ago, now I’m more prepared to be on the winning side.

Last few months have been the most educating months of my life. Starting to build something from the scratch sure is not easy, but it’s very much possible. As I’m writing this from the place this transition process started, I’m wondering what is the purpose of me sharing these personal feelings? I feel it’s my obligation. I feel I have a gift and that is to talk. Talk from the soul and to give courage when you’re feeling weak. If I can make my dreams a reality, you can do it too. On that journey I’m willing to help you to the best of my ability.