Live the nature to understand it

Nature is all around us. Literally. In the rural areas of course but also in the cities. Hills, lakes, mountains, rivers, parks, coastlines, they all have their own appeal. They are different, but they all make a vital part of the nature. They are all connected and we need to be a part of that chain more than we are today: In a way that is respectful to nature’s natural flow.

What does it mean to live the nature? You don’t necessarily have to live in the nature to understand it, but the visits have to be frequent. When away from home I always look for a place to take a breather. Get away from the fuss, away from my phone, computer and all other electronic gadgets. In fact I suggest that you never carry your phone in the nature. It will set you free and you will be able to concentrate better on the current surroundings.

I have a solution for that lost connection: Get your daily dosage early in the morning. Right out of bed, so you don’t have time to hesitate and overthink. If that’s not possible, just make it a routine at some point of the day. As long as it’s daily, that’s the most important thing. But promise me one thing: Leave your rush, hustle, worries, stress and all negativity behind. Just like yelling, loud noises and arguing, they don’t belong there. Let the nature just be and respect it.