Little spoiler concerning my tales

While the next tale is on it’s way and coming up shortly, I feel like I need to share some inside info with you guys. Is there a real plan for this year? Is my itinerary locked for good? No it’s not. I’m too spontaneous for that. Of course there’s some kind of plan of action that I will execute, but I will keep myself and my plans open for everything.

First thing is to make each story different. There might be same sports in some stories, but the approach and the location will surely vary. I won’t stick to all familiar sports as I’m willing to try something totally new, approach training and all my beloved sports from a different angle and grow as a trainer and human being during this year.

To make this story short, if you have any suggestions or interesting ideas, feel free to contact me and let’s make something happen. I’m sure everybody will benefit from these stories and find something for themselves.