Life On The Angel Mountain – Wellness Host


The origins to this story date back to early fall of 2014. Back then a man from the wilderness of Finnish Lapland had been involved in fitness industry for over 10 years as trainer and coach. He started thinking there has to be more to it: Is the current trend really the way wellness should be approached? Could there be a more sustainable way, a more humane alternative?

He was sure there was. And so The Travelling Trainer was born. Last year’s plan was to renew, rebuild and reinvent. Meet people from different walks of life in terms of wellness and sports. Gather information for the future, make notes and be informative. Even more informative than I had been before when helping over 1000 private and corporate clients: In an area twice the size of whole Switzerland but with under 200000 inhabitants.

Why am I here? Because through series of events someone believed in me and was sure we will create great things together. Of course I was up for the challenge. To put it simply, I am here to serve your wellness needs. It will include all the elements of wellness meaning we will be versatile. All my years as an athlete and later as a coach I’ve focused on one thing and one thing only: To make a human function better and be active every single day of the year.

More will follow soon.