Life On The Angel Mountain – Timeless And Rush Free Zone

What usually creates stress is that schedules are too tight: You have to be somewhere at a certain time and many times somewhere else soon after that. That’s where our counterbalancing products come to play: They involve no rush because we want you to have enough time for yourself. Enough to be able to focus, think and feel the nature to the fullest. And of course to take random pictures and have short breaks when needed.

It’s my personal standard that I want you to feel one with the nature and our activities. When your wellness host is responsible for time and running everything smoothly, you don’t even need to have your own watch with you. Just try it, it’s liberating! What it also does is that it helps you to be present and to live every single moment 100%. No rush, just you, your thoughts and tons of activity.

These elements are all connected: When time stops and the rush is gone, it will be easier for you to relax your body and soul. Take a breather of fresh mountain air, enjoy the views and feel how you are charged with positive energy minute after minute. The main idea of working out and being active should be as simple as this: To spark you with vitality and willpower to stay active every single day of the year.