Life On The Angel Mountain – Balancing Work And Rest


When talking about physical activity, it’s all about doing the right things. Knowing when to make yourself stronger, more durable, when to rest more and when to eat more. It’s about finding a balance and being versatile. What we want you to find with our revitalize-product is the relaxative side of it all. Light hiking with the focus on mental relaxation along with mobilizing and tension relieving yoga exercises in the best possible surroundings. As simple as that.

I know from my personal experience that if some of your athletic qualities are lacking, you’re not feeling complete. There are two reasons I started incorporating simple yoga moves (Tibetan rites) as my daily (usually straight out of bed) routine. First I wanted to find a way to increase my mobility and flexibility in every direction a human is supposed to function. Secondly, I wanted to find an easy way to wake my body up in the morning. Sure there has been jogging, running and even heavy lifting in the morning and still is, but doing something really light and stretching it out like a cat feels many times way more natural.

Why do we need to calm ourselves down and revitalize ourselves? Simply because we are surrounded by stress factors every single day: Work, family, friends, hobbies and daily tasks take toll on us, not to mention the hectic pace of life today. Wellness is a round circle and it needs to be complete to function properly. With our activities you will be able to both relax and find proper tools to increase your physical qualities. Active rest is the best way to revitalize yourself. We will devote all our time to you.


P.S. In case you missed our video, now is a good chance to have a look what’s coming up!