Learn the process to progress

You have to live in the uncomfort zone to stay hungry. This mantra has been the one to follow for me in the past weeks. I started pounding on a project with a Finnish company arranging student trips late November with absolutely no idea what I had put myself into. It was actually a very liberating feeling to understand once again that many things are out of your control. You are basically dropped in the middle of a jungle with final words ‘Good luck’.

Why would some deliberately want to be in a situation with many questions and not so many answers? Because that is the place for growth. If everything comes to you on a gold platter, it’s simply too easy: You just haven’t deserved it. In my opinion the process of learning by experience is the only way to progress. Different circumstamces are handed to you on purpose and it’s completely up to you how you approach those situations.

I wanted to see up-close how mass tourism works. From the ground level. In my mind I had to do it in order to clarify my vision and on the other hand to be able to mentor. I want to build an effective team around me that can function in any circumstances. For that to happen organization has to have structure, one leader and energetic people who see the forest for the trees. This previous project clarified me that I and we are on the right track.