Lapland is my home

Tale: 3/12.

Location: Luosto, Lapland, Finland.

Mission: Set an example for a single day of activities in my neck of the woods.

This just had to be done. There was no way I was going to pass telling you guys about my home. As you already know, I live in Finnish Lapland just above the Arctic Circle. People usually come here for a vacation, to ski in the slopes and tracks and to relax in many ways. But for me life around here is very different, it’s very primal: Nearest grocery store is 6 km away, nearest post office 35 km and the nearest airport 120 km. As I told you in my brief post earlier, home is where the soul is and where it rests. I survive with basic necessities, my outdoor gym, my kettlebells, my mountains and mostly my tranquility. That’s more than enough for me. Here’s an example what else can be done.

For this particular day I invited my associates Tuija and Ilkka to join me along and just to have a great day. What I regularly do is train outdoors, you could actually say all the time: Ski, run, throw them kettlebells around, go to gym, shoot some pucks, you name it, I do them all. I wanted them to experience something new also and chose husky driving along with forest skiing and yet again some spontaneous TRX-training. Mixing everything together in relaxed atmosphere kept us going well and nothing felt like a burden. No rush, no pushing it to the limit, no awkward must do-attitudes, just feeling it and having a blast. That’s what lifestyle training and -activities are all about. If our skiing looks a bit clumsy, there’s a good reason for that since the skis are very long, mine are 270 cm in length!

A very public thank you to Tuija and Ilkka for just being awesome and bearing with this crazy Lappish dude, you guys rock!