Keep going back


When times are tough, your creative side is not working, you feel irritated. What’s your go-to maneuver on those cases? You go out with your friends, travel abroad, get hammered or do something else? Mine has always been the same: I gather some food in my backpack, leave all electronic devices back home and hit the nature. Whenever, wherever, it always seems to work!

What is so magical about it that is has to be addressed? That’s just it, the simplicity of it all! While I’m writing this I’m sitting and watching my food getting ready on open fire. I walked and hiked here for about an hour, chopped some firewood and prepared the fire. But while the fire and food was preparing, I also did an upper-body workout: I rarely go anywhere without my TRX or at least a stick or a pole.

Magic really happens when you have to work for it: The food tastes better outside and your body is willing to digest it all in when you’ve done something. It’s just about being active, that’s what it is: The cure and solution for long-term health and fitness. Someone asked me once ‘so how hard will it be when I visit you in the Alps?’ I smiled a bit and said ‘don’t worry, you will be fine, everything is as hard or easy as you want it to be.’