It was all downhill in Switzerland!

Tale: 8/12.

Location: Kandersteg, Berner Oberland, Switzerland.

Mission: Attain some new experiences through downhill mountain biking.

Since my last tale was very intense and indoor related with Mr.Dorian Yates, it was yet again time to hit outside and focus on outdoor related sports. I really wanted to experience something new and exciting for this one: As I consider fells and mountains my second home, the selection was not hard at all. Now I just had to figure out a sport I hadn’t tried out before. Spontaneously as always.

Riding a bike, as simple as it is, gets a bit more challenging when you switch from regular pavement to a bumpy mountain trail. I’ve done similar activities in Lapland and few other countries, but never had I tried riding downhill on a trail before! To be honest with you, I was terrified since I had no clue what to expect. Special bike, all the safety gear, steep mountain trail…This was a yet again a quick reminder to myself what this project is all about: Being inspirational, showing the way, learning new things and getting rid of fear along with sometimes stubborn old ways of thinking.

Trail length of approx. 4,7km along with the elevation of 720m was sure going to give me the rush I needed! On the way up I told my friend the only way I’m coming down is by cable car and I’m not even a stranger to very high places: That’s how scared I basically was! But after getting used to the bike (for those of you that don’t know the difference between a regular mountain bike and a downhill bike, I’m telling you, it’s humongous!) and fighting my own fears for a bit, I was set to go! Slowly, securely but surely I was coming down with wobbly arms to say the least. But meter by meter riding was getting smoother and I started to pick up trail’s forms, letting a bit loose and finding how to move with the bike. I was basically holding on to the handlebar with every bit of my strength and that’s not the ideal way to go.

Well enough talking, I’ll let the video speak for itself. Sit back and enjoy the views,