I believe in people

In terms of where this road of physical activity, wellness and fitness industry in general is taking us, I believe we have hope. I strongly see the tide is changing and only for the better. For the past few years it’s been very hectic, people going all over the place and trying whatever solutions they can find. That is normal when there is too much information floating around and it’s ok. Now when people are getting all the information faster than ever, they also get educated faster: Many times in a superficial way, but that’s better than no education at all.

People see that this current road leads nowhere, since it’s merely impossible to grow, increase the volume and jump from one thing to another all the time. The key is sticking into something and making that work. You need to be consistant, in sports, recreational activities and in business. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adapt and change when something is not working. Many times all you need are the basics: No gimmicks, just basic, relevant and consistant work is all there is to it.

Why do we move in masses and why is our own thinking corrupted with marketing forces? It’s because they are too big. But what marketers don’t understand is that people know, they see and they feel. No matter how much we are digitalized and involved with the internet, we still have our own capability to think. And as long as that is our privilige, we will know what is the best option for us, we know it ourselves. And when we think of wellness and fitness, it surely isn’t going hard, heavy and mindless without thinking about our lives on a long-term. Life is revolving and always evolving, just let it come naturally.