Hunger to succeed

I’ve asked this numerous times before and I will do it again: What is the source of your drive? Where does it initially come from? I feel you can grow into it: When you develop as a person and open yourself for life, it’s possible to create a never satisfied-attitude. Being satisfied and appreciating what you have is another thing, but the other thing is to be in a constant work in progress-mode. Just open your wings and let it go, you are actually able to fly if you wish to do so.

Last article ended in a thought about always evolving. Naturally that is. What it means that you can’t really push it, at least I don’t want to see nobody’s life go that way. It will take sudden turns and twists, but that is only the work in progress-mode. Of course it’s also a question of character and personality, not everybody wants to live a uncertain life and in a constant struggle. Some of us thrive for that and take on challenges to improve as a person.

At the end it all comes down to on what you believe in: What is good and best not only for yourself but mainly for others. Fitness and wellness industry in that sense is difficult business because it’s many times related to performance. More efficient and faster you are, more productive and meaningful you have to be as a person also right? It’s my lifework to bring on the understanding that it’s actually quite the opposite you should focus on. Sufficiency must be the focus instead of mere volume. This applies to many fields of life.