Go year-around

You probably already know how much I love snow. And I love the ice also as much. Hockey background has given me the tools to start from the extremes and not to fear them: After the freezing temperatures we used to play hockey outside as kids nothing feels cold afterwards. On yesterdays dinner I gave a few people a concrete example on how the weather is changing and how fast it is actually changing: In Lapland we could easily play hockey on natural ice late October-early November and continue until late April-early May.

Nowadays this period has shrunk to a maximum 4 months and that scares the hell out of me. Also from this perspective to only focus on certain conditions business wise (merely snow) would be ludacris. As an outsider looking in this fact amazes me every single day here on the Alps. The mode is called stand by: It means to wait for a miracle that is snow and powder. Don’t get me wrong, as I said I love the snow and I love snowsports in all forms. But the facts cannot be overlooked or else tourism will be in deep deep trouble.

Maybe it is already: The worst that can happen is sticking into what used to work. It’s a different world and people need to be mobile no matter what the conditions are. And not only because they are what they are, no matter how much fake snow you put in or how far and high you fly by a helicopter to search for the snow. I rather see it like this from the perspective of a coach and a person who sees people’s everyday well-being as number one priority in life: Forget the conditions, instead search for sports and activities you can keep on doing whether there is snow or not.

I’m really excited to talk about my vision, ideas and the future next week at Matka Travel Fair. See you all there,