Fun weekend behind

What I live and breath for is helping. This past weekend was filled with that since I was lucky enough to get a fun, outdoor loving couple as my guests for this action packed stint. The big picture revolved of course around outdoor sports and very much in a reactive way. What it means is that the core of what we’re about to do is there, but it is ultimately molded according to people’s needs.

The weekend offered this couple a chance to go somewhere they had never been before, be in the nature and learn something new. I like to think there is always something new no matter if you’ve done similar workouts before: Surroundings are different, conditions vary, atmosphere is different. My philosophy is always to pay attention to detail, but in a very humane way: At the end the ultimate goal is to help you receive and absorb valuable information that carries you through your life.

Back to this weekend: I counted we spent approximately 12 intensive hours together in total. A lot of that time was physical activity in a form of sprints, strength training, mobility work and building up stamina. Most of this time was spent in the nature without any distractions meaning the focus is all on you and the actual activity. I don’t know anything better than giving someone a chance to evolve physically, mentally and really to unplug from the normal routines.

Great talks, challenges, experiencing variable weather together, handing out tips for life, laughs, lots of sweating, great food. Tell me, what else is there? Gratefulness for times like these is an absolute understatement.