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Food clowning

Hey let’s have a challenge: Why don’t we all try to maximize our food intake for one full day, so we can compare numbers afterwards? Sounds like a blast! This is where my alter ego The Angry Trainer jumps in forefront: No it’s not fun, it shows the fact that we are doing too well! If we can afford to waste food like that, this is about the only conclusion you can make right?

But there are a few really good things about these challenges, let me just name a couple. It’s usually only pure junk food people eat in challenges. By all means do that more so we can get rid of this so called food. It’s easy to eat sugar and fat, but I’ve never seen anybody overeat with elk meat and lingonberries. But of course that’s part of the kicker, to stuff yourself with alien food.

I know, it’s part of the human nature to test and push the boundaries, that is completely fine! Just by doing that with something that is our lifeline is horribly wrong. More behaviour like this and more ‘space food’ companies laugh at you. Consumption of junk only leads to increased production of junk and so is the circle of evil complete. We all know how sick you feel after eating crap, is it really so that we just can’t help ourselves?

Is life so easy and too convenient nowadays that it’s possible to crash, smash and even overeat constantly?