First ever group package is out!

It’s nice to be back in the valley again and especially now when I have some really really exciting news! I joiden forces with experienced nutritionist Christer Sundqvist and Swiss-Finnish tour operator Fins-Tours to provide you with a 6-day special active wellness trip here to the beautiful Engelberg Alps!

Christer will talk about his favorite subject which is fats, I will take care of you within the activities and host you in general and Fins-Tours provides us with vast expertise in packaging and guaranteeing the smoothess in the details.

5 nights in a private hotel (only for the group), everyday health improving activities in the nature, 3 lectures from Christer, catering, restaurant meals, transportation, cheese factory visit, sauna, flights from Helsinki. And of course A LOT of open talks, fun and relaxation!

Everything is included in this VAST package to guarantee you a calm, relaxing and active Summer break!

See you soon here on the mountains friends,



Engelberg, Central Switzerland


August 8th to 13th, 2017

Price per person

€1865 (in a 4-person room)

€1925 (in a 2-person room)


By 9.6.2017

+41 31 754 19 19 or

Fins-Tours SA Bodenacher 1 L, 3047 Bremgarten b. Bern, Switzerland

Please see the full program below (in Finnish). You can also request for a price without flights in case you want to join from somewhere else in the world.

Wellness & nutrition trip in August (In Finnish)