Exclusive but not excluded

Is it possible? To make something exclusive without excluding a certain group of people. For sure it is and it has nothing to do with money. Think about a five-star hotel. Depending on a country, a single night may cost hundreds of euros, even thousands. That’s exclusive in an excluding way. You are excluded from the other people, ever thought about it this way? Putting a high-end mark cost wise to a product does not automatically equal taste or it’s superiority, personal service in a human way on the other hand means everything. Heart and personality get you far.

In my handbook exclusive means special. Something utterly unique. And what creates that experience are the people, surroundings and relaxed atmosphere. Everybody deserves a chance to enjoy life and what it has to offer. It’s the same with my project: Nobody’s excluded, solutions are simple, affordable, minimalist, doable and genuinely for everybody’s enjoyment and education. Tale 9 was the prime example of that: When I traveled to Austria with my parents, I was their host. They didn’t have to worry about their schedules, meals or workouts since I was on the drivers seat. The plan was to keep everything simple, stress-free and focus on us.

I refuse to draw a line on how much money you make. What does it matter? You’re still a human being. I simply don’t care if you make a thousand or million euros. What I’ve decided is that I will make a product that focuses on the experiment, communality and educational value instead of secondary things. I want you to feel that you are on a trip every day of your life. It’s better for your well-being if you brake norms, routines and be really you. No faking, no playing by the hour-book and definitely not pretending to be someone you’re not. Don’t worry, I’ve got a natural solution for you and it’s well on it’s way. And it’s for everyone.