Elements Of Wellness

Nowadays the general talk is strongly on mental well-being: I personally like to think that all your actions involve spirituality and it doesn’t need to be individually streched. Our lives are very hectic and thoughts are so filled that this information overflow is sometimes too much to handle. That’s the reason why it’s more convenient to package all together in one.

Well productized, that’s all I can say. Mental coaching and courses I mean. Instead we should be focusing on how to find the balance between physical and mental stress and rest: This is the exact reason I usually (always) talk about ‘the right’ approach to well-being. It should and must be way more relaxed than it is today and it should be approached more lightly with long-term thinking always in your mind.

Human mind must not be loaded with solutions that are too complex because health and holistic well-being are always achieved by simple solutions. Stress your heart so you can go for a long time. Exercise your muscular system for better posture and simply to avoid breaking down. Take care of your mobility so you’re never stiff. And don’t forget quickness and speed to be able to run away from falling trees.

When you remember all of these aspects and you execute them in rush free environment, you have taken a step towards holistic well-being and eternal flame of activity. But isn’t going to the gym already versatile enough? I’m sure it is for many of you, but by adding nature into this equation, you will get real counterforces against machines, rush and stress filled life.