Coming to mountains is coming home

Every morning I wake up to a view that brings a smile into my face: There’s just something about mountains that calm you down. Even if your head is full of million ideas and thoughts, just one look out of the window changes everything. At the same moment I think I have no business to go there even if it would be so easy with the cable car. Why do I think like that? Because it would be too easy and I still have a lot of work to do. You have to stay hungry because in these surroundings it would be easy to get satisfied and lose the focus on what I came here for. It’s simply not enough just to be here, journey is far from over.

It’s about keeping your motivation on a high level. The way I execute that is by living a very simple life: Not exactly monestary life even if it’s just a few hundred meters away, but something similar to that. There are certain routines, daily calendar and optimization of time. I only do things that move this process forward, there’s no time to waste. Disciplined? Definitely, this will not work if I don’t do it like that. Every day, every single step and every single meter up takes me closer to the goal which is on top of a mountain. In the summer I walked up Mount Titlis from the village altitude, but I felt nothing. Why? I just wasn’t ready back then.

You have to take every step and you have to experience all of them. There is a shortcut to the top and that is called a cable car. But what happens after you took that cable car, how do you feel? Of course the views are great, but if you haven’t taken that spiritual and teaching journey to the top, you haven’t earned it. I already told you that it would be too easy in that sense. I rather work out in the forest, lift weights, cross-country ski, do some yoga, ride my bike and put on my skins and hike where the masses aren’t. I have no option to spend my day getting up with the help of electricity and letting gravity take me down. I have too many goals for that.

This is how I motivate myself at this stage of my life. How do you do it?