Back to basics

Usually the simplest solutions are the ones that work the best.

I just returned to the mountains from a travel fair that opened my eyes yet again even more. To simplify the message that I brought back is: Focus solely and only on the basics. What I observed and saw around me was a bit of a mess in terms of what’s around us. Lots of offers, lots of variety and lots of people trying to make it. And that’s totally fine, that’s the way the world goes. But too often people just get confused instead of saying ‘hey I really get the message.’

The best way to learn is to listen: It’s a skill you can grow into, of course some might get it naturally. For myself it hasn’t been like that. Especially when you jump off something and dive into totally new endeavours it’s crucial. It was a fast step into the homeland, but I feel each day I grew at least a centimeter into my not so tall frame. How did it happen? By having a plan who to meet and who to have a chat with instead of trying to have it all.

A person once asked me to teach her everything I know about training: In three months. How did I reply? I said it’s impossible even if we had sessions every day. You need to let information sink in and grow: The only way for that to happen is by giving it time. And more complicated that information is, more time it’s going to take. Circus tricks and fast fixes only work for a certain period of time, after that you will yearn for more. Instead basic info gives you tools for life.